Group, Team or Organisation Workshops

Living in a rural locations can often come with new challenges when it comes to running your business, group, team or organisation. Samantha Meurant runs workshops that are suited to your needs. These workshops allow the attendees to walk away with greater knowledge and skills around workshop focus. 

The workshops are customisable for the group attending.


    Your group, business or organisation may wish to touch on just one topic or multiple topics. Discuss which workshop topics may be best suited by booking  your FREE 15 discovery call. 

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    A note from the coach:

    "I have a passion for rural women to be creating and sustaining a life and business of their dreams. Living in a rural location should limit you to what you want to achieve in your life. 

    My own personal journey has lead me from growing up and working in the city to moving to a rural location to be with my now husband. I have seen the struggles that isolation can do to people and businesses. I now have 3 businesses which I run solely from my rural location and one of those business is co-founded with a lady living in WA. Your location should not limit your ability to share your incredible product or service with the world and I intend to help show you that. 

    Being an entrepreneur has opened doors for me to be my truest creative self, uncap my earning potential, live a more balanced and healthy life, spend more time with my friends and family and continue to live in my small rural town in SW QLD.

    It’s true, when you create a job you love for yourself, you will never have to work another day in your life."


    If you would like to book a one-on-one session with more focus please head over to the coaching page HERE or Book a FREE 15 to find out where we should start