Welcome to The Rural Compass!!!


This podcast aims to bring awareness to women in business who are working hard in rural and remote areas across Australia. I am Samantha Meurant and I live in Cunnamulla QLD and each week on this podcast I will speak with women from rural and remote areas about their businesses and how they manage their business while living in a rural or remote area.

We will talk to women who are working it, from festival runners to maker, boutique owners to artists and more. If you want some inspiration to start your own business, are running a business and need some inspiration or just want to know how they manage, then join me for The Rural Compass, a new episode released every Wednesday.


About the Founder


Samantha Meurant 


Founder/ Host/ CEO

A city girl turned country lady, living in the small town of Cunnamulla in South West QLD, she is a mother of one, running her art business and running art workshop across western QLD. She knows all of the good bits and the tough bits about making it work out west and loves to encourage and sharing inspiring stories from other women in the outback. 


Awards & Accolades 


QRRRWN RRR Storyteller of the Year - Nominee