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I remember listening or reading somewhere that to be productive, you shouldn’t waste time writing the to do list and instead you should just do the things… whoever he/she was that said this, I would like to give you a reality check. You clearly do not have a mini human to look after, running 3 business, as well as a household and all of the other everyday life things that come up in between. And I don’t know about all you other mums out there but I honestly still feel like baby brain is a real thing and Will is one and a half years old.

So, here are my productivity tips for you today and how you can use this template to make you feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

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1. Choose your 3 big ticket items that you need to get done today.

I will give you an example and I will be honest, I suck at doing laundry in our House! My husband Scott is usually responsible for all the laundry, so when he goes away for work like he has been at the time I am writing this, I quite often run out of clean clothes and our son ends up living in his onesies or I try and pass of pyjama pants as daytime pants.

So, one of my big ticket to do’s today as I am writing is laundry, I also need to write out questions for my interview coming up in less than a week and update and email my sponsorship pack to my lovely marketing friend Tori.

By having these 3 ticked off at the end of the day I will feel so much more accomplished in what I have achieved, rather than trying to remember what I needed to do and then going to the cupboard tomorrow and not having any underwear to wear because I didn’t write down "do the washing".

2. Prioritise

The second section of the to do list is all those other things, the part I love about this is the priority tracker on the side.

You can rate from 1 to 3 how important that job is today, after I have finished my 3 big ticket items I go through and check which tasks are higher in priority. Sometimes I might not get them all done and then they turn into one of my big ticket’s items for the next day. But all I know is that its written down, so I don’t forget it.

3. Make that phone call or send that email!

Finally make that call or send that email, yes this could go into the to do list but really no one likes making phone calls anymore and if I was to prioritise it would go to a 1. But seeing as it is out there by itself it pushes me to make that call. And just remember if you don’t make that call it might mean loosing a client or not making that sale.

Bonus Tip - Use ear phones, my issue with calling people is I feel like I'm wasted time I could be doing other things… sorry mum. But if I have my earphones in I can be doing things like cleaning up the lounge room after Cyclone William or doing the washing up, basically anything to save time. But don't do this if it is going to distract you from the phone call, if its an important one be fully focused on that call!

4. Where should I keep it

I know myself I don’t often have time to be sitting at my office desk, so if it is in there, I would never look at it again. I have a few printed out and attached to a plastic clipboard that follows my laptop everywhere it goes. But for you, it may be your dining room table, stuck on fridge or on the kitchen bench wherever it is make sure its somewhere you are always going to be checking.

Click here to get your FREE Daily to do list printable

So I hope you get some use out of this FREE printable daily to do list, my tips are helpful and it helps you focus in on the tasks you need to complete for the day.

If you think this printable is great and would love some more, I want to hear from you, email me and tell me what your big business struggle is and I will endeavour to help you find a cure and help your business run smarter not harder.


Samantha Meurant

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