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10 things we've learnt running our first virtual summit.

In case you didn't know over at Big Ideas Rural we ran our very first Virtual Summit for International Rural Women's Day. What a better way to celebrate Rural Women's day than by holding an event that anyone, any where could join in on. After all one of our biggest set backs living in rural and remote areas is the isolation and km to get to... well anywhere.  A little background before we share with you the 10 things we have learnt from our first Live Virtual Summit.  Tori & I live on the opposite sides of Australia we came together when Tori reached out to collaborate. This resulted in a Mini Marketing Series which turned into partnership in Big...

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The dreaded to do list + FREE printable

I remember listening or reading somewhere that to be productive, you shouldn’t waste time writing the to do list and instead you should just do the things… whoever he/she was that said this, I would like to give you a reality check. You clearly do not have a mini human to look after, running 3 business, as well as a household and all of the other everyday life things that come up in between. And I don’t know about all you other mums out there but I honestly still feel like baby brain is a real thing and Will is one and a half years old. So, here are my productivity tips for you today and how you can use...

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