Using your story in your business


In todays episode where we will be answering your questions around telling your story for your business.

[2:30] Questions 1 - My story is very mental health related. But I don’t want to be a downer. Is sharing the “bad” ok?

[7:23] Question 2 - How do you tell your story succinctly?

[10:50] Question 3 - This Question is more of a statement which comes in on Instagram from Em. She says she just has trouble telling the story at all. 

I got a little bit of clarification on this one if it was putting her story into words or actually putting her story out there and she said “both really, I have trouble talking up anything I’ve created myself and sometimes my partner worries about showing off too much.”

[16:43] Tool & tip Segment


1. [Blog] Write a Baller Bio With These 3 Tips

2. [Workshop] Our Photo Stories


1. [Book] Building your StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Your Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller 

2. [Event] International Rural Women's Day Virtual Summit

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Host: Samantha Meurant

Co-Host: Tori Kopke


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