[Social Summer] Faye Hollands talks online productivity

in today's Social Summer episode I will speaking to Faye Hollands the founder of Busy Business Women about all How to stop wasting time on distractions and interruptions, especially when it comes to the online space.
Faye helps time-strapped women in small business - who want to create consistent leads, clients and income - significantly improve their productivity and profit without burnout, stress or overwhelm!

I seriously love that Faye is a self-proclaimed productivity ninja and she has a tough love but in the nicest way approach to helping her clients build businesses that are hustle-free and allows them to create the results in their business and life, fast.

If you are not already part of her busy business women Facebook group I would implore you to head over and join, I have taken away so many great tips from inside the group from both Faye and the community she has created.


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