Sally Bradford - Rural Women Unite

Welcome to our first BONUS EPISODE! This episode is being released today to ensure the episode gets to you before the ticket sales close for the Rural Women Unite Luncheon at Roma (Tickets sales close 6th May 2019 5:00pm).
Today I speak with Sally Bradford, she is the Founder of The Rural ShEmpire. Sally is a mum of two busy Country boys and she is also the Event Co-organiser of Rural Women Unite. We chat about the upcoming luncheon for Rural Women Unite on May 18th 2019 in Roma QLD, her passion is women's mental health and she tells us a little about The Rural ShEmpire. Sal also has a great shout out for a new lady run business in her neck of the woods.
Get your tickets before 5:00pm Monday 6th May…ts-58634448213
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CREDITS: Guest: Sal Bradford | Rural Women Unite
Host/ Producer:
Samantha Meurant |
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