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In this episode I will be speaking with Kimberley Furness the creative director of OAK magazine, but she is not just the creative director she fills many of the rolls in her business as many of us do. She is the founder, owner, editor and accountant of OAK Magazine. It is another must not miss episode. Kimberley has had an incredible career and it has lead her to creating her own magazine we chat all about this, as well as so many brilliant and inspiring tips she has to offer.
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Mimosa Botanicals - Hand crafted luxurious bath salts and bathing accoutrements.
Toots + Co - A range of luxe leather bags for motherhood and beyond
Squishy Minnie - Children’s book store in Kyneton
And my friend and mentor Brikitta Kool Daniels from D-Club247 Fitness.
Lisa Messenger - The Collective Hub
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Kimberley Furness
OAK Magazine
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Samantha Meurant
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