Jo Palmer - Pointer Remote Roles

Today we are speaking with the wonderful Jo Palmer Founder and CEO of Pointer Remote Roles. I was so looking forward to this interview and had already booked her in before her win at the NSW & ACT Rural women of the year awards on the 19th June. Now I know I always threaten that the episode are hard to keep in time but this episode is twice the length of my usual episode. And it is a complete sorry not sorry moment. I had all of my conversation topics ready but because she won the award I also had to pick her brain about this and so many more questions developed as we spoke. So listen in to hear this passionate woman tell us about her business, her biggest struggle which so many small businesses can relate to, just a hint its about money and so so much more. By the way I just have to say that I had already booked in time to chat with Jo before Carlie Oates episode shout out last week. It was an awesome coincidence and Segway into this episode, but if you know of or are a women in rural and remote Australian working hard in your field send me an email I would love to hear from you. And If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Carlies interview go back into your feed and click on Episode 10. Carlie Oates- Curators Collective.
This podcast is dedicated to bringing you an interview each week with women living and working hard in rural and remote areas across Australia. There is an abundance of talented and innovative women in country areas and I intend to find them and point you in their direction.
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CREDITS: Guest: Jo Palmer – Pointer Remote Roles
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