Improving your business mindset

In todays episode where we will be answering your questions around improving your business mindset.

[5:00] Questions 1 - I spend all day in overthinking and over-analysing what to do next in my business & it's so exhausting. How do I stop thinking?

[9:08] Question 2 - I had a bad review because I stuffed up an order, I have found I’ve slowed down in my sales and social media. How do I get my mojo back? 

[12:28] Todays review - sent in by The Higher Style

[13:30] Question 3 - I am new to running my own businesses, it’s just a side hustle but someone said to me other day “your like an entrepreneur” I hadn’t thought of myself that way until then. I feel strange about claiming that title, should I claim it or just stick to creative? 

[18:20] Tool & tip Segment


[Platform] Linkedin

[TO-DO] Create your profile and write a killer bio section


[Book] You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

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Host: Samantha Meurant

Co-Host: Tori Kopke


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