[Big Ideas Rural] 4 Tips for running your CEO Day


In todays episode where we will be offering 4 tips to running your end of year CEO day successfully. 

Tip 1

Clear space clear mind clear focus

  • Start your CEO day by clearing your space, whether that is your office, kitchen bench or you bed.
  • Clear you mind by only vowing to focus on your CEO day 
  • This gives you a clear focus on the day ahead

Tip 2

Layout a CEO Day Agenda

  • Setting you agenda prior to the day
  • Shout out get free copy of our CEO agenda on our website

Tip 3

Be a girl scout

  • Being prepared with the documents and information you need

Tip 4

Minimise distractions

  • Turn your notifications off
  • Tell everyone in you house
  • Work from a different location (especially if you have a home office)

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Host: Samantha Meurant



Co-Host: Tori Kopke



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