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In this episode I will be speaking with Bec Bignell the Founder & Editor of Rural Room and co-founder of Cockatoo Colab.
I mention at the beginning of the episode that it is a little out of sorts interview a woman from the city. However as you listen to the episode you will understand why. Bec is a huge advocate for Rural creatives to the point where she has created an entire business and network around helping them to be seen and hired.
In this episode we chat about both her businesses and those opportunities she is opening up for rural creatives. We also delve into where this inspiration to help has come from and though she is a country chick now living in the city we won’t hold that against her because she is doing such incredible work.
It is funny when you speak with a fellow person in your field, in this case the creative field, with us both being so passionate about our projects we got totally caught up in the chat and I am excited for you to listen in.
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