Beating overwhelm in the silly season

In todays episode where we will be answering your questions around beating the overwhelm in the silly season. 

Questions 1 - How do I enjoy family time while I know I have heaps of work to do?

Question 2 - Christmas is not relevant to me personally and my business but it is all around me how do I successfully market this time of year?

Question 3 - How do I effectively prepare for the new year when there is so much on my plate for december and christmas time?

Tool & tip Segment


1. [Tool/program]  Using Google docs instead of word just search google docs and link it up to your email address. 


1. [Tip] Enneagram Personality Test -

Tori is Type 8 

Sam is a Type 4

Once you have found out your enneagram head over to @theruralcompass Instagram page and share it in the comments, on the post about todays episode. 

Also check out @enneagramandcoffee & @ninetypesco instagram for more enneagram fun. 

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Host: Samantha Meurant

Co-Host: Tori Kopke


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