Angela Taylor - Country Allure

In this episode I speak with Angela Taylor the founder and director of Country Allure. Country allure is one of Australia’s, leading lifestyle brands and Ange has Cemented this status though only opening in 2017. We chat about her choice to also open Country Allure HQ, a bricks and mortar store in Blackwater, her very busy schedule and she also explains to us how her brand ambassadors work, plus so much more about Country Allure itself. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Ange and truly struggled to keep the episode in its time frame.
Shout Out: Country Allure – Dolly handbag
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Mentions: Gary Vaynerchuk | Jane Lu- CEO of Showpo |
CREDITS: Guest: Angela Taylor – Country Allure |
Host/ Producer:
Samantha Meurant |
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